Apex Legends Ranked: A Comprehensive Guide to Competing, Matchmaking Mechanics, and Ladder Points (LP) Acquisition

Apex Legends Ranked: A Comprehensive Guide to Competing, Matchmaking Mechanics, and Ladder Points (LP) Acquisition


Apex Legends Ranked Mode is an exciting and competitive game mode that allows you to test your skills against players of similar abilities. To access this mode, you must reach at least Level 20.

Ranked Mode offers you the opportunity to climb the ranks and advance to higher tiers as you participate in matches. With each new Ranked Season, there are rewards waiting for you based on your rank. At the start of every season, your rank is reset, allowing you to start anew.

Apex rank matchmaking


Matchmaking in Apex Legends relies on a hidden Matchmaking Rating (MMR) system. Your MMR adjusts based on your performance in matches, ensuring that matchmaking remains fair, competitive, and accurate.

Your MMR increases when you perform well in placement matches, with kills also contributing to its growth. As the system continuously calculates skill adjustments, you may experience slightly longer queue times to guarantee fair matchmaking.

WHY IS MMR (Matchmaking Rating) HIDDEN?

During Ranked matches, MMR is not visible to other players, although you can still see your own MMR. Keeping MMR hidden prevents players from abusing the system through tactics like kill farming or intentional dying. It also safeguards less-skilled players from experienced players creating new accounts (smurfing), promoting a balanced and challenging gameplay experience.

To gain further insight into the matchmaking process in Apex Legends, you can refer to additional resources available.


Since MMR adjusts swiftly, your Ladder Points (LP) may not align immediately to prevent boosting. MMR's purpose is to continually adjust your rating as you play, allowing the system to validate your rank over time. Consistently performing well proves to the system that your rank is accurate, and eventually, your MMR and LP may synchronize.

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Ranking in Apex Legends is determined by your MMR. Each rank comprises several tiers, with 1000 Ladder Points (LP) separating each tier. For instance, progressing from Bronze I to Bronze II necessitates accumulating 1000 LP.


In Season 17 of Apex Legends, Arsenal, Ladder Points (LP) replaced Ranked Points (RP). While LP and RP may seem similar while playing, LP are influenced by the rewards earned through successful placements in matches. For detailed information on how rewards operate in Ranked Mode, please consult the relevant resources.


The ranks in Apex Legends, listed in ascending order, are as follows:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Diamond
  6. Master
  7. Apex Predator

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The Rookie tier serves as an introductory tier specifically designed for new players to familiarize themselves with Ranked mode. It does not offer any rewards but provides a safe space for players to become acquainted with the Battle Royale format and its mechanics.


You can earn Ladder Points (LP) by placing in the top half of players in a match. LP is not awarded for healing or reviving teammates but is earned through assists and kills.

The amount of LP you receive is influenced by your placement in the match. Here is a breakdown of the LP distribution:

1st place: 125 LP 2nd place: 95 LP 3rd place: 70 LP 4th place: 55 LP 5th place: 45 LP 6th place: 30 LP 7th and 8th place: 15 LP 9th and 10th place: 0 LP 11th, 12th, and 13th place: -30 LP 14th place and below: -35 LP


To participate in each Ranked match, you must pay an entry cost in LP. However, if you place in the top half of the match, you will earn back LP. The entry cost for matches remains consistent across all tiers and is set at 35 LP.

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It is possible to end a match with fewer Ladder Points than you started with due to the entry cost of the match. Finishing in 1st to 5th place guarantees that you will end the match with more LP than your initial entry cost. However, any placement below 6th results in earning fewer LP than the entry cost.


Rewards in Apex Legends are directly tied to your placement in Ranked matches. There are three types of rewards available:

  1. Elimination rewards: These rewards are based on your personal performance in eliminating other players. The number of kills and assists you achieve contribute to calculating these rewards.

  2. Rating rewards: You receive rating rewards when your MMR significantly surpasses your LP. This helps align your rank with the system's perception of your skill level.

  3. Skill rewards: Skill rewards are earned when your team outperforms opponents of higher skill or achieves victory against challenging odds.

Please note that scoring methods may change with each new Season, so it is crucial to stay updated with the latest Apex news.


Ranks are reset at the beginning of each Season. This reset clears your progress, setting your LP back to 0. However, you are granted 10 Provisional Matches to quickly calibrate your LP rank.

Additionally, you will receive end-of-Season rewards based on the highest tier you reached during the Season.


Provisional Matches are special matches that help mitigate your losses and maximize your gains, including other rewards. Performing well in these matches can accelerate your progress in Ranked mode.


Players who have reached Platinum rank or higher can only party up with friends who are one tier higher or lower than them. This restriction is in place to prevent boosting and ensure fair competition among players.

By adhering to these guidelines, Apex Legends offers an engaging and balanced Ranked Mode experience for all players.

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