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If you have heard of rank boosting, Apex Legend’s fastest ranking method in the last years, you can read this article to learn all about it.
We have constantly mentioned that Apex Legends is a very competitive game and even though it has millions of players enjoying the game every month very few actually make it to reach the highest RP ranks of the game. The biggest proof of the difficulty of the game is the number of websites and platforms that are offering Apex Legends boosting services to the players. There are a lot of sites and individuals that are thriving thanks to Apex Legends' difficulty.

If you are wondering what Apex boosting is, why people do it, or in general everything there is to know about this particular community of the game, you have found the written article. We will analyze all of these things in depth.

rank boosting

Rank boosting is generally considered when someone other than you, helps you reach your desired rank in Apex Legends. You have to know that some of the methods used for rank boosting, Apex Legends, has rules that are strictly against them so the player having his account boosted might have their ranked locked, or be banned from the game altogether.
Another important thing to know is that an Apex rank boost is mostly available for the Battle Royale mode. Apex Legends ranked Arenas is not popular enough for people to want their account boosted, but it is also not easy to rank up fast, since the arena points AP system is different from the one for Battle Royale.

The main kind of rank boost are Badges and achievements boost, levels boost, and the typical ranked boost. Usually, the way it works is that a player will hire someone providing Apex boosting services, to achieve something he cannot do himself. Below we will analyze how each method works.

apex badge boosting

The most requested type of rank boost is to get to a specific rank. This means, that a player will ask his ranked account to be increased to this specific rank tier. For example, a player that is currently ranked Silver might request to get his rank increased to Diamond. Of course, these services are paid, and the price depends on many factors.

First of all, what matters the most is the client's current and desired rank. Having an account go from Rookie to Gold is much cheaper than Rookie to Platinum. The higher rank you want to have, the more you will have to pay since even an Apex Predator can find it hard to rank fast in Platinum or Diamond. Usually, this kind of boosting doesn’t go until the Apex Predator rank since it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to reach it.

There are several extra features that you can choose to opt-in for, that will increase the price of your order. If you want your request to be done in a couple of days, to watch a stream of the person boosting your account, or even play yourself with someone to win your ranked matches for you, it will cost you extra to do so. The prices can reach up to the thousands of dollars for very demanding orders.

Another form of Apex boosting includes paying someone to unlock certain badges on your account. For you, some badges might be impossible to unlock, but for an Apex Predator, most badges are just a matter of a few ranked games.
The price of this boosting service depends on which badges you want to unlock, with some simple badges like “Shot Caller” starting at $8, but the famous “Legends’ Wrath IV” can cost you up to $49. The most expensive badges are the ones that require the whole squad to perform well, or that will just take a lot of time. For example, “Teamwork IV” will cost you up to $199 since there needs to be a whole squad of Apex Predator players to achieve it.

To get this Apex Legends boosting service you can simply find a website that offers it, pick the ranked emblems/ badges you want to unlock, and just wait. It is easy and simple, but admittedly expensive. If you have money to spare, then an Apex rank boost is a great choice.

apex damage badge boosting

Level boost is one of the most famous forms of Apex boosting and it is probably the most straightforward. For level boosting you just hire someone to get you a ton of experience points and levels in your account. You just decide which level you want your account to reach, and after you pay, the Apex Predators will get right to it.
The prices depend on how many levels you want to get. For example, from level 1 to 73 you would pay approximately $270, but for every 70 levels after that the price increases to almost $400. The reason for these high prices is that there is no big shortcut to getting levels. Of course, there are more efficient ways than others, but you still need to spend a lot of hours to get 70 levels.

At least you will also get as bonus Legend Tokens, Apex Packs, Level Gun Charms, Crafting materials, and anything that comes from leveling up an account.

The fastest way to rank up in Apex ranked is to play with teammates that you can communicate with. If you are not an Apex Predator that can dominate lobbies by himself, then the best thing you can do is communicate with your teammates about what is happening in the game. If you are brave enough, enter random ranked games and talk with your microphone to your team.
Of course, the method we mention is the fastest method allowed. An Apex Legends rank boost is definitely faster, but you will miss out on a lot of the fun, and if you try to play ranked on a rank that is not yours, you will quickly feel unqualified to be there. It is better to take your time and slowly climb to earn your ranked points as it should be. The Apex Predator rank is going nowhere.

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